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Satlab Geosolutions is a Swedish based global satellite positioning solutions company with its offices strategically located around the world. Company was founded by a group of passionate and pioneering engineers, with a total of more than 40 years of experience in the GNSS industry. The management team is made up of veteran industry people taking a traditional approach to customer service and value.  We understand Surveying, GIS and Machine Control user needs, and offer straight forward products with features  customers actually use, at fair prices and the highest quality and support.  Our team is aware of missing technical and administrative features of currently available products and have addressed them. This valuable knowledge has been incorporated into the Satlab range of GNSS equipment available today with more exciting products planned .

SLC Multi-Purpose GNSS Receiver

SLC Multi-Purpose GNSS Receiver
  • SLC Multi-Purpose GNSS Receiver
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Fully Automated GNSS Receiver SLC is a multi-purpose, surveying grade GNSS receiver with industrial modem for internet and one button operation.

Multiple Expansion Possibilities SLC GNSS sensor includes 2 mounting plates to attach your tablet computer as its display, running your Apps. Its optional industrial grade 3.5G modem applies avaible RTK corrections for cm accuracy. The USB/RS232 serial connection allows for external power, UHF radio connection or wired connection to a display.

Unlimited Application Areas any software running on Windows, Android or iOS accepting GNSS position over a serial port (Direct or over Bluetooth) can be used. This makes SLC the high precision positioning solution to virtually unlimited number of applications.

Latest GNSS Technology SLC utilizes a Novatel* GNSS OEM receiver with all options enabled. The GNSS board can be controlled through the RS232 Serial Port or Bluetooth for custom applications. The SLC tracks multi constellation satellite as well as SBAS satellites. The SLC is ready to use RTK corrections from NTRIP casters and Satlab Internet RTK servers.

Antenna Options SLC contains a convenient internal full constellation dual frequency tracking antenna for centimeter accuracies in your hand. For even greater precision, an external geodetic antenna kit and pole mount option is available.

Industrial Approach the sleek and rugged Swedish designed SLC, is easy to hold and designed for long and reliable field work, backed by Satlab’s standard 2 year warranty.

Fast and Reliable Technical Support one of the greatest benefits with Satlab is support. We ensure spare parts are always available and easy to access from any place in the world. We keep our distribution network apprised on all software updates and support them with everything needed to guarantee a great user experience.

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SLD-100 Echo Sounder

SLD-100 Echo Sounder
  • SLD-100 Echo Sounder
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SatLab SLD-100 is a compact survey grade depth sounder with operational depth ranging from 30 cm to 100 meters. It provides standard depth string streams in $SDDPT, $SDDBT and $YXMTW at 1Hz, 4800 bps which makes the SLD-100 compatible with any Hydrographic Surveying Software package.

SLD-100 is independently powered by an internal lithium battery which provides more than 10 hours of continuous operation.

SLD-100 is extremely easy to use simply requiring the unit to be powered on to commence operation.

Position and depth data is logged to any external logging device running compatible software.

Mounting accessories for the SLD-100 and transducer are included in the package making it simple to mount the sounder and to attach a RTK GNSS receiver.

SLD-100 housing is environmentally sealed to a rating of IP67 making it operational in the most challenging environments.

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Sl55 Low Cost High Accuracy GNSS Receiver

Sl55 Low Cost High Accuracy GNSS Receiver
  • Sl55 Low Cost High Accuracy GNSS Receiver
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Product Details:

Screen Size3.5 inch

Low Cost Centimeter GNSS Receiver

SL55+ is a low cost GNSS receiver delivering high accuracy from centimeter to sub-meter depending on the application.

Great Companion for Geospatial Data Collection

Selection of various mobile data collection software packages provide a solution for whatever your application requires. Any type of database structure or data requiring update is easy to manage.

Multi Constellation GNSS

SL55+ is an advanced single frequency multi-constellation receiver, tracking Code Carrier phase, and Doppler signals from GPS, Glonass, and Beidou satellites. This Multi constellation receiver enables you to obtain reliable positions in the most challenging environmental conditions.

Industrial Design

Weatherproof housing ensures trouble free operation in any conditions in the field. Sun readable and sensitive screen makes it easy to select even very tiny objects in the software interface.

Fast and Reliable Support Center

Swedish based central support office gives the fastest and the most reliable support for any kind of technical or service issue.

Complementary Solutions

SatLab offers a broad selection of Software packages for different applications with a large number of supported data formats in GIS and CAD.

Environment Friendly

All SatLab products are manufactured keeping the environment in mind. All electronics are RoHS certified and SatLab AB takes full responsibility for recycling end of life products.


- Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.5

- Processor: 806 Mhz

- RAM: 256 MB

- Internal Flash Memory: 8 GB

- External Memory: MicroSD card up to 32 GB

- Screen: 3.7’’ color touch screen , Full VGA

GNSS Features

- 72 channel GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU (Carrier phase,

Code phase pseudo-range, Doppler)


- Antenna: Internal and External (SMA)



- Real-Time

- Autonomous: 1-5 meters

- DGPS: Sub-meter

- Post Processing

- Static: cm accuracy (external antenna + base within 25km)

- Kinematic: cm(external antenna needed + base within 10km)

- Kinematic: <30 cm (external antenna needed)

- Kinematic: sub-meter (with internal antenna)

Communication Interface


- Wi-Fi , Bluetooth

- 3G Internet

- Internal 5 megapixel camera

- MicroSD card slot (up to 32GB)


Power Supply

- Built-in 3.7V Lithium-Ion battery

- Battery life > 9 hours

Physical Properties

- Size: 15.2 x 8.2 x 3.2 cm

- Weight: 320 gram (with battery)

- Operating Temperature: -20°C - +70°C

- IP65 Waterproof

- Shock: 1.5 m free fall.

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SLA-1 Photogrammetry UAS with RTK

SLA-1 Photogrammetry UAS with RTK
  • SLA-1 Photogrammetry UAS with RTK
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Satlab SLA-1 is a photogrammetry UAS delivering high accuracy point cloud and orthophoto.
SLA-1 airframe is highly optimized, built by easy to attach/detach pieces for very easy transportation and operation.
Advanced Autopilot System ensures easy and safe operation.High Resolution 20.1 MP Sony Image Sensor with Sony E-Mount Lens fitting.
Easy to plan and upload mission to the SLA-1 autopilot using included Mission Planning software.
Autopilot assisted Hand Launch and Landing makes operation of the SLA-1 system very easy.
Redundant GNSS Receiver configuration increases safety of operation.
Increased efficiency using integrated Dual frequency RTK GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU receiver reducing the number of Ground Control Points (GCPs) required.
Increased safety with motor placed in Pusher configuration aft of airframe, significantly reducing risk of injury in case of accident.Very easy to use Ground Control Station including Win 10 Computer, Remote Control, HD LCD Display and Mission Planning software.
Spare parts are available at very reasonable costs.Photogrammetry UAS with RTK

Ground Station Computer :Intel Atom Processor, 1.83GHz, Intel HD Graphics, HDMI, 2 x USB Port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2GB RAM, 160GB SSD Storage
OS: Windows 10 / Android Radio: 433MHz Tranceiver for RTK Corrections Radio Control: Jeti DC16 EX 2.4 GHz Transmitter Display: 10.1” TFT LCD 1024 x 600 Pixel Mission Planning SoftwareMounting Hardware Temperature, operation :-10 to +50 0CTemperature, storage:-20 to +60 0C
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SLS-1 Mobile Laser Scanner System For 3D Mapping

SLS-1 Mobile Laser Scanner System For 3D Mapping
  • SLS-1 Mobile Laser Scanner System For 3D Mapping
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Product Details:

Model NumberSLS-1
ApplicationMobile Laser Scanner System for 3D Mapping

Satlab SLS is a Mobile Laser Scanning System solution using a fusion of sensors providing location, imagery and point cloud.

Satlab SLS is configurable by accommodating available high end sensors through a state of the art Sensor Fusion module which controls and synchronizes data streams from the sensors.

A tactical grade iMAR FSAS IMU by Novatel GPS, ensures the highest accuracy in the harshest environmental conditions.

Two MDL 500m long range low density LiDAR sensors and one Velodyne 100m short range high density laser sensor provides the best possible point cloud coverage. Spherical imagery is provided by the on board LadyBug 5 camera system.

Satlab SLS contains an embedded computer to log the data streams from all sensors together with time stamps thus ensuring no data can be lost during field operations due to cables or operator issues.

The integrated mounting structure makes it possible to use on any moving platform from off-road vehicles, to a train or small boat, to a personal car; all can easily be used as the scanning platform.

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SL600 6G GNSS Receiver

SL600 6G GNSS Receiver
  • SL600 6G GNSS Receiver
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All in one, on the pole GNSS Receiver Intelligent System

Satlab SL600 is built on a LINUX based operating system which controls all hardware and communications for an error free and easy to support solution. Just listen to Satlab SL600, it’s voice prompts will advise you of any issues together with a solution. It always remembers what it has performed before. Once you set up its operating parameters, forget about setting up again. Power up the receiver and its is ready to measure.

Satellite Tracking Technologies

Satlab SL600 utilizes the latest in GNSS technology; 6G The unit is capable of tracking 6 different satellite constellations, namely GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, GALILEO, QZSS and SBAS.

New Features

Satlab SL600 new features; Automatic base station setup from a list of pre-defined coordinates without controller, Base/Rover RTK over internet, Direct Rinex recording, Voice in your local language, Remote internet access to the receiver and Remote logged data downloads.

Corrections Format Support

Satlab SL600 is capable of processing all standardized corrections formats from local sources to national CORS networks in both single base and network modes.

Working Modes

Static, VRS RTK, UHF RTK, all surveying modes are available to meet any type of surveying application. A multiband GSM modem covers all type of data services available in the world, making sure that Satlab SL600 can connect to any NTRIP Network. Moreover, the internal UHF modem is compatible to work with any standardized radio protocol, ensuring your Satlab SL600 will work with any available base or rover station.

Unlimited Storage

In addition to its 1GB of internal memory, SL600 is equipped with a micro SD card slot for large files like long static observations in high precision applications.

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SL300 GNSS Receiver

SL300 GNSS Receiver
  • SL300 GNSS Receiver
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Product Details:

Screen Size3.5 inch

Instant Centimeter is in Your Hand

Satlab SL300 GNSS handheld receiver has been designed to reach centimeter accuracy instantly, without having to carry bulky GNSS systems. This unit fits every need for surveying and GIS applications. You can use the internal antenna or for even higher accuracy, the optional external antenna will provide reliable real time centimeter measurements.

Internal 3G GSM Modem

Satlab SL300 GNSS receiver is equipped with an industrial modem that includes all GSM frequencies and internet services. No matter where you are in the world, you are connected to the internet wherever a GSM signal is available. Our premium modem and antenna design also ensures that you have seamless operation, even in the areas with weak signals.

Latest GNSS Technology

Latest technology Novatel GNSS board receives and processes satellite signals to ensure instant and reliable results. It can track multi constellation satellite as well as all SBAS satellites. This expandability effectively future proofs the unit!

Highest Standards

Having full VGA (640 x 480), 3.7”Sun Readable screen, 5MP Camera, 8 GB of Flash Memory, 806 MHz processor, GSM Voice/Data and waterproof case with IP67 rating makes SL300 an exclusive product in the marketplace.

Antenna Options

Full constellation tracking on dual frequency signals ensures you always reach centimeter accuracies no matter which antenna you are using. The built in internal antenna provides fast and reliable results, with the convenience of no wires. For even higher accuracy, an external antenna kit can be selected.

Fully Compatible with SurvCE

Satlab SL300 GNSS receiver has been optimized to work with software packages from US software company Carlson Inc. In SurvCE, all survey modes from post processing to Real Time Kinematic are available.

Industrial Approach

Built with a very durable housing and industrial screen, to ensure an easy and reliable field experience. The screen is sensitive enough to pick any spatial object by using a stylus or finger under all light conditions.

Fast and Reliable Technical Support

One of the greatest benefits with Satlab is support. We ensure spare parts are always available and easy to access from any place in the world. We keep our distribution network apprised on all software updates and support them with everything needed to guarantee a great user experience.


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SLX-1 Multi-Application GNSS Receiver

SLX-1 Multi-Application  GNSS Receiver
  • SLX-1 Multi-Application  GNSS Receiver
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SatLab SLX-1 GNSS multi-application GNSS receiver is primarily designed for CORS applications but is equally capable for use as a rugged mobile sensor where high precision real-time positioning is essential. Using the world's latest multi-frequency technology for tracking multiple satellite systems.
It is built with high-performance microprocessors, flash memory and high-speed large-capacity battery, multiple communication ports, military grade environmental housing, built-in firewall and data encryption.

Based on Linux Operating System

Embedded Linux operating system, provides a true multi-user, multi-tasking, multi-platform operating system. Strong system stability, management capabilities, powerful network operations. Using the embedded microprocessor design; with small size, low power consumption and less heat, the receiver is ideal for long unattended and continuous operation.

Supports All Available GNSS Signal Reception

With 220 parallel receiving channels (upgradeable to 440 channels), SLX-1 tracks GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO, QZSS and SBAS positioning systems and can maximize the tracking to observe all visible GNSS satellite signals, thereby providing maximum performance for accuracy and real-time measurements.

Standard 20hz Data Update Rate

Supports high data update frequency with data update rate up to 20Hz (optional 50Hz upgrade)

Multitasking Capability

SatLab SLX-1 has the ability to simultaneously perform multiple tasks. The GNSS receiver can continuously track and record all satellite data while at the same time enable the operator to download the recorded data files, as well as stream or transmit different forms of correction data.

Multiple Modes of Data Transfer

By UHF radio, Ethernet, WiFi or the built-in 3G / 2G wireless modem, you can use a variety of means of communication with the Internet and wireless networks for data transmission and broadcast differential correction data.

Mass Data Storage, Data Download, and Data Streaming

64GB built-in, high-performance storage and can also support up to 1TB of industrial-grade U-disk storage or an external USB storage device. With 64GB the memory the SatLab SLX-1 can record around one year of one second sampling rate data which is available for U disk download, FTP download or remote web page download; and the receiver also has cycle storage ability.

High-Precision Measurement Technology

With high precision GNSS measurement techniques and algorithms, direct-millimetre accuracy with the highest levels of quality assurance is obtained.

Excellent Compatibility

Real-time compatibility is easily achieved with available output CMR, CMR+, sCMRx, RTCM, RTCMV3, RTCM32, Binex and other formats of differential data. The receiver is easily integrated into existing CORS networks, but can also output high precision GNSS data in real time for simple single base operation.

Network Remote Access

Remote control of the receiver is easily achieved by logging into the internal web server with any mobile device. NTRIP and intRTK server is supported by SatLab's triple redundant Global caster service

Military Grade Environmental Design

Anodized aluminium alloy metal case, built-in firewall, data encryption; gives the receiver protection for both operation and data integrity.

Multiple Interface Options

Equipped with RS232 ports, two USB ports, a Wi-Fi, 3G / 2G communications interface, an Ethernet interface, an RS485 interface, an external clock interface, a PPS output interface; the receiver will fully satisfy reference station or peripheral data input and output requirements.


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